Ata Mojlish

Mojlish's images are unusual. The size, medium and method of presentations frequently vary. Such a practice of incoherence offers its viewer a state of unreconciliation, doubt and perplexity. The intent of his works warp with time and space, as much as it does so with the  viewers.​

Mojlish works in an effort of enabling the senses that help manifest awareness. Through an invitation of self evaluation the images are an attempt to shed light on well hidden parts of the artist as well the communities that the work belongs to. Questioning the norms of ignorance, the images focus on different perceptions of reality.

The image-making process starts with photographs that display an accepted definition of reality. They are then reconstructed, lifting the curtain from several versions of the truth that grew a habit of staying suppressed in plain sight.





- Ata Mojlish

Digital mixed media, 10x10, 2016-19


They say when you take a picture, you end up saving that moment forever. They are wrong.

Now that I have lived away from Dhaka for about two years, I realize how I've already began to forget about my life in Bangladesh. I realize that there are now photographs that I don't even recognize as my own.

"Traitor Memories" represents the disconnect I feel with my home.  In an effort to find these photographs, I hope to find parts of myself as well. 

Traitor Memories - Ata Mojlish